What is Kakama?

Kakama is an open source event and staff scheduling
system developed by Katipo Communications Ltd.

The name Kakama is Māori, and translates
as quick, active, and capable.

Ref: MaoriDictionary.co.nz

How does it work?

  • Venues and job roles are added by an administrator
  • Staff are added by an administrator, indicating which job roles they do
  • Staff add their contact details, and mark which times they are available to work
  • An administrator adds an event indicating how many of each job roll are needed
  • The system assigns staff to the new events ‘roster’ to fill in positions
  • The administrator accepts the ‘rostering’
  • Staff are emailed about the event, and can accept or decline participation
  • If they accept, staff are emailed when and where to show up for the work

Administrator Features

Administrators can:

  • add/edit staff members, contact details, and availability
  • email all staff in the system at once, or a single staff member
  • add/edit staff events, venues, and roles
  • contact all staff involved in an event
  • manually add staff to an event
  • reject automatically selected staff in an event
  • cancel an event or a rostering in the event
  • add more required roles as the events size increases
  • mark staff as no shows after an event has finished
  • view a range of reports, including
    • exportable staff lists (csv, xls, or xml)
    • staff work history (weeks employed, events declined, rejected, …)
    • all events on a specific date and the staff assigned to each
  • view a log of all emails sent from the system
  • adjust system settings such as site name, or administrator emails

Staff Features

Staff can:

  • edit their full name, contact details or password
  • add times they are available to work
    • (can also send notes to administrators for each availability)
  • view their availability on a weekly calendar
  • remove an availability if it doesn’t have events during it
  • split an availability if they have events during it
  • view all events they are a part of from their ‘Dashboard’
  • accept or decline events they are rostered to from their ‘Dashboard’

System Features

Kakama can:

  • keep track of all users, venues, events, job roles and availabilities for you
  • send out emails to staff at various points in the process
  • keep checking for staff to fill up event roles if not already filled
  • assume a staff declined an event if not heard from within a period of time
  • cut off an event from auto assigning staff X days before the event begins
  • timeout sessions after a period of time (default 15 minutes)

What Kakama isn’t

Kakama isn’t:

  • a visually beautifully application yet. The focus is on functionality, design is secondary
  • a time tracking application yet. Hours spent on the job are not tracked, but this would be a handy feature
  • multi-lingual yet. It supports only New Zealand English and Date formats
  • isn’t full featured yet. There are many things I’d like to see implemented, such as a calendar on the Dashboard, staff able to print out their work load, or reminder emails a day before the event starts. All these require community support

Is Kakama right for me?

Not sure? Then simply try it out! You can either:

  • Download and setup Kakama on your local machine.


  • Request access to a demonstration setup of Kakama for testing purposes. Contact Richard at Katipo for more information.